Hi, we're the  Parks Foundation!

We're the worker bees found in that little office in Idlewild Park across from the California Building. We are grant writers, program developers, student educators, trail guides, AmeriCorps members, and above all, park lovers! Feel free to stop in our office with questions, concerns, ideas, or simply to say hello. You will get many hellos in return!

An East Coast Perspective of a West Coast Winter

Coming from western New York, I was looking forward to the opportunity to get out to the desert of Nevada and away from the snowy winters. Little did I know, the altitude of the Sierra Nevada provides its own version of the four seasons that would leave me feeling more at home than I initially expected. I have lived in Reno since early September, so I got an extended summer and the full effect of autumn, but now winter is approaching in full force. Getting ready to commute from Sparks into Reno one snowy morning. My first taste of cold weather on the west coast caught me by surprise. When I moved into my Reno apartment I bought one medium sized blanket figuring that would be enough- we are

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Protecting & enhancing our community through public engagement, education, and the sustainability of our parks, open spaces, and trails.


50 Cowan Drive, Reno, NV 89509 | (775) 410-1702