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We're the worker bees found in that little office in Idlewild Park across from the California Building. We are grant writers, program developers, student educators, trail guides, AmeriCorps members, and above all, park lovers! Feel free to stop in our office with questions, concerns, ideas, or simply to say hello. You will get many hellos in return!

Top 8 Movies and Documentaries to Cure Your Cabin Fever

Stuck at home for the 4th (or would it be the 5th) week in a row? Feeling bummed that you can’t answer the siren call of new adventures and locales still yet to be discovered? Beginning to develop the stirrings of cabin fever? Believe me, you’re not alone! But how can we cope with our wanderlust and yearning for adventure when we’re confined to the four walls of our living rooms? Through the wonderful world of streaming, of course! Movies offer us a mental, if not physical, escape from our current circumstances. They allow us the chance to live vicariously through the protagonists on our screens and see the world through their eyes. Here is a list of the top 8 movies and documentaries that

Hikin’ and Groovin’: Bust a Move with this Spring Hiking Playlist

Sometimes, taking a walk through nature provides all the sounds you could possibly want. Birds chirping, creatures rustling through the brush, and wind softly blowing through the trees are just a few of the many delights on an outdoor soundtrack. Sometimes, nature is your playlist. But for the times that you’re looking to let the music guide you on your hiking journey, I’ve got you covered! Listed below are some groovy tunes that would make a marvelous soundtrack to your outdoor adventure. Some are literally inspired by or written about nature, and others are simply great songs that may make you smile. Freedom is Free by Chicano Batman: Let’s start this thing out groovin’ and inspirin’! Not

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