The Parks Foundation would like to take some time to honor our AmeriCorps Naturalist Educators and the impact they’ve made on the children in our community.

"Patriotism," as my colleague Dominique laid out in her blog last year, "is the devotion to, and vigorous support for one's country."

During Quarantine, Truckee Meadows ParksFoundation and the AmeriCorps members have come through to provide virtual resources to show the community that we are still here for you! Despite the distance, we've been able to come together more than ever!

I relied on my team, and they relied on me. We cooked, lived, served, and traveled communally. As an introvert, being surrounded by people at all times was sometimes difficult, but it quickly became my favorite aspect of the year.

Water is a natural resource that is essential for our bodies' functions and our daily activities such as showering, cleaning dishes, washing our cars, watering our gardens, and recreation. Let’s also not forget that animals and plants also need water to survive, grow,...

“One way to drive fear out of a relationship is to realize that your partner’s values are the same as yours, that what you care about is exactly what they care about.  In my opinion, that drives fear out and makes for a great partnership, whether it’s a corporate partn...

The United States’ Independence Day is this month. Although the Fourth of July occurs at the beginning of the month, the fireworks, barbecues, and customary color scheme of red, white, and blue appear throughout all 31 days. With these recurring themes, it’s hard to ig...

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