Thank you Contributors!!

A special thanks to the following individuals and organizations that have helped make this Parks Project possible:

  • Truckee Meadows Parks Project Specialty Volunteers

    • Jay Kolbet-Clausell along with Reno Sparks Neighborhoods, Code for Reno (helped with initial Reno parks map), and Reno Tracks (technical assistance) for creating the park directory map and helping to get photos of the parks. Click here to learn more about the making of this awesome park map. Jay also created the icon generator widget on the park pages.  

    • Michon Eben from Reno-Sparks Indian Colony for consultation and guidance on preservation laws and Reno-Sparks Indian Colony history. 

    • Mitch Markey from Reno-Sparks Indian Colony for the construction of the Indigenous Tribes of Truckee Meadows Map.

    • Janel Johnson for consultation and guidance on creating iNaturalist park pages and linking to this site.

    • Connor Kirby for creating the modified iNaturalist widget app for the park pages.  

    • Nate Tippie for helping with website fixes. 

    • Lurana Cancilla for drawing up individual walking maps and biodiversity photos. 

    • Arrowhead Signs for designing icon logos.

    • Kelsey McCutcheon Fitzgerald for advice and guidance on the site. 

    • Ernest Ross for biodiversity photos. 

  • Biodiversity Researcher Volunteer 

    • Brianna Raggio

    • Bridget Mulkerin

    • Ellen Wilson 

    • Aramee Diethelm  

    • Emma Steer 

    • Erica Derby

    • Faviola Rodriguez

    • Sarah Epstein

    • Tyler Morris

    • Meghan Anderson

    • Miranda Sanford 

    • Jill Katz

    • Micah Beck


  • History Researcher Volunteer 

    • Jill Richardson 

    • Patti Posten 

    • Catherine Schmidt 

    • Elizabeth Francis

    • Patti Bernard and Nevada Women's History Project for the history compilation of Nevada women.

    • Kimberly Cruz


  • Truckee Meadows Parks Project Editors 

    • Jackie Meyer 

    • Jean McGuire 

    • Mary Clements  

    • Chantel Dominguez

    • Dominique Dixon 

    • Alayna Wood

    • Jill Katz 


  • Field Naturalist Volunteers (photographed/catalogued the biodiversity at the following parks)

    • Jennifer Arnold (Crissie Caughlin, Dorostkar, and Mayberry)

    • Brianna Raggio (Galena and Crystal Peak Park)

    • Daniel Hill (Crissie Caughlin and Crystal Peak)

    • Matt Munoz (Ambrose Park)

    • Lindsey ReBell (Lake Park)

  • Park Photographer Volunteers (photographed park signs and amenities) 

    • Jay Kolbet-Clausell ​

    • Kendall Masuko

    • Matt DeBray

    • Daniel Hill

    • Matt Munoz

    • Jane Parrish

    • Lindsey ReBell  

*The Parks Project was designed and created by Haley McGuire with the help of the above contributors. 

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