Community Resources

All the info you need for your next outdoor adventure

DIY how-tos, bike-powered pickup and drop off in the Reno area!

Rainwater harvesting, planting natives, and ridding your garden of pesky invasives

Hiking Resources

Leave No Trace

Hiking Etiquette

Hiking apps - AllTrails, PeakVisor, iNaturalist, Star Walk

“20 Hikes within 20 Minutes of Downtown Reno”


Down to Earth Composting - Bike-powered pickup and drop-off composting services (monthly fee)

How to Build a Compost Bin

Maintaining a Healthy Compost Pile

Sustainable Gardening

Rain Barrel How-To

Five Native Plants for Northern NV

-removing/preventing spread of invasives

Community Partners

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A presentation given by Nathan Daniel, Executive Director of TMPF focusing on 20 hikes found close to the heart of Reno. Enjoy!

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Go here to find a complete listing of events, volunteer opportunities, park maps, and whatever else you might need related to Washoe County Regional Parks.

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View the current activity guide, sign up for intramural sports, or just see what else Sparks Parks and Recreation has to offer.

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A local 501(c)3 nonprofit dedicated to keeping the Truckee Meadows region beautiful through beautification, advocacy, cleanups, and education since 1989!

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GREENevada stands for Growing Resources for Environmental Education in Nevada.  Their mission is to foster sustainability through environmental education and leadership.

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The One Truckee River Management Plan will manage, protect and provide stewardship for the Truckee River across all jurisdictional boundaries. 

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Trace the beginnings of our local creeks’ flows and see how all of us are connected through waters feeding the Truckee River.

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Reno-Sparks Neighborhoods consists of professionals and volunteers who team up with groups and people to collaborate on community building projects. Reno and Sparks have many communities; meet people who are doing things in each of our regions.

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Protecting & enhancing our communities' livability through public engagement, education, and the sustainability of our parks, open spaces, and trails.


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