Damonte Ranch

General Park Information: Damonte Ranch Park is a 8-acre Reno park with a year-round restroom. 

Amenities Include: Playground, basketball court, walking paths, picnic shelter, barbeque area, and tables/benches.

Construction of the 8-acre park began in 2007 and was completed in 2008, which included a gazebo, basketball court, picnic shelter and more amenities, plus a piece of public artwork featuring birds. DiLoretto Homes built the park and the City of Reno maintains it. The park ties into a trail system that runs through Damonte Ranch near the Steamboat Ditch and wetland areas. 

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Photo of John C. Fremont.

History of Migrants in the Damonte Area

By the mid-1840’s, migrants began to arrive. The first non-natives to travel through the Truckee Meadows were the Stephens-Townsend-Murphy wagon party in 1844. A local Paiute, Chief Truckee, is credited with guiding these emigrants into the Sierra Nevada mountains to Truckee and Donner Lake; hence the origin of the name Truckee throughout the region. Next came John C. Fremont in 1845 and the Donner party in the fall/winter of 1846/1847. Many more migrants traveled through the area after gold was discovered in California. 
While Mormons were the first few European settlers of the Truckee Meadows area in the mid-1850s, the first non-Mormon European settlers were brothers Peleg and Joshua Brown in January 1857. The brothers settled in what is now the Damonte Ranch area while it was still part of the Utah Territory. There were only a few other immigrants in the area at that point in time. The Brown ranches included cattle, oxen, bulls, horses, and gardens with many vegetables and fruits.


Main Sign 

Photo by: Jay Kolbet-Clausell

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Damonte Ranch

Tell us your stories about this park or share your photographs to add to the growing record of our shared park history! 

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Damonte Ranch

Tell us your stories about this park or share your photographs to add to the growing record of our shared park history! 

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Damonte Ranch

Tell us your stories about this park or share your photographs to add to the growing record of our shared park history! 

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