Wildlife Educator - Las Vegas, NV



The Wildlife Educator, an AmeriCorps member will primarily support the classroom programming, field trips, and community programming offered in the Las Vegas area.

Position Description

The Wildlife Educator, an AmeriCorps member, will be an essential member of the team for Conservation Education. This person will primarily support the classroom programming, field trips, and community programming offered in the Las Vegas area. This person will also facilitate our statewide Wildlife Education programming in classrooms, among other Conservation Education programming. AmeriCorps members will also help develop and facilitate regional Outdoor Education events demonstrating archery, fishing, and hunting activities for families. These programs extend throughout the Southern Region of Nevada. Their duties will include facilitating, evaluating, and fine-tuning our existing Conservation Education programming, developing new programs, training volunteers, and assisting on volunteer projects.

Timeline for Service: September 2021 – August 2022

Host Site Agency Mission:

The Nevada Department of Wildlife offers Wildlife Education and Aquatic Education programming in classrooms across the state. The Department’s educational programming helps to foster NDOW's mission: "Connecting people to wildlife in a positive way."  The Nevada Department of Wildlife’s Conservation Education Program reaches more than 10,000 participants each year through a variety of programs at diverse venues in the region.

Additional Guidelines or Expectations:

AmeriCorps members are required to wear at least one piece of AmeriCorps gear (AmeriCorps button), provided by the Parks Foundation, every day during their term of service. When the member is facilitating a program, they should wear the t-shirt their site supervisor provides them with the AmeriCorps button pinned on this shirt. AmeriCorps members must participate in a minimum of three National Days of Service during their term of service and may participate in additional service projects.

Evaluation and Reporting:

Members will receive a mid-year and end-of-term performance evaluation from their site-supervisor and the AmeriCorps Program Director. Members will submit their biweekly Member Service Logs (timesheets) to their supervisor to be approved. Members are also responsible for reporting performance measures to their site supervisor and AmeriCorps Program Director every month during their term of service.

Member Supervisors:

Doug Nielsen, Southern Region Conservation Education Supervisor



Jess Brooks, Southern Region Wildlife Educator & Volunteer Coordinator



Devin Genovese, AmeriCorps Program Director

Truckee Meadows Parks Foundation



Primary Responsibilities

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Facilitate and evaluate Wildlife Education statewide classroom programming;

  • Develop and conduct diverse community programs that include family activities connecting people to wildlife;

  • Assist with ‘Trout in the Classroom’ programming at participating schools;

  • Develop and assist in facilitating angler education, hunter education and archery events.

Secondary Responsibilities:

  • Develop relationships with our existing and new partner organizations and recruit and train volunteers;

  • Assist in conducting evaluations of all programming;

  • Coordinate and retain volunteers.


Required Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:

  • Ability to multi-task in a fast-paced environment;

  • Exceptional writing skills;

  • Strong communication skills;

  • Strong organizational skills;

  • High degree of initiative and spirit of service.

Required Academic and Experience Qualifications:

Must have a high school diploma or equivalent, or agree to earn a high school diploma or equivalent before using an educational award. It would be useful if members have a Bachelor’s degree in education, science, or a related field.

Compensation and Benefits

AmeriCorps members receive a living allowance of $16,000, a $6,345 education award upon successful completion of service, healthcare, childcare coverage (for eligible members), and professional development opportunities throughout their term of service.

To apply:

Send a cover letter and resume to Joe Doucette, Eastern Region Conservation Education Supervisor (jdoucette@ndow.org) and/or Julie Gabrielson, Eastern Region Outdoor Educator & Volunteer Coordinator (jgabrielson@ndow.org).