Jamaica Park

General Park Information:

Jamaica Park is an 8-acre Reno park with a restroom (opened seasonally: late April-early October weather permitting).

Amenities Include: 

Playground, soccer/football field, baseball/softball field, horseshoes, walking paths, picnic shelter, barbecue area, and tables/benches.


Here is a link to Jamaica Park on the City of Reno’s website.


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Jamaica Park:

Jamaica Park was named after nearby Jamaica Avenue, and was probably built in the 1960s or 1970s. Records detailing the exact date of the park have not been found, but the park is located in the Smithridge Park neighborhood, which started to be built in the early 1960s.

It’s not clear why the name Jamaica was used. The developer of the neighborhood was J.J. Matthews of Consolidated Construction Company, and they wanted to use a park theme when naming the streets. The plan was to name the main streets after trees (Alder, Almond) and the smaller residential streets after bushes and flowers (Azalea, Persimmon).


Jamaica Park

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Image by: Jay Kolbet-Clausell

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Jamaica Park

Tell us your stories about this park or share your photographs to add to the growing record of our shared park history! 

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Jamaica Park

Tell us your stories about this park or share your photographs to add to the growing record of our shared park history! 

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Jamaica Park

Tell us your stories about this park or share your photographs to add to the growing record of our shared park history! 

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