General Park Information:

Lake Park is a 3.4-acre Reno park without a restroom.

Amenities Include: 

Playground, lake, walking paths, tables, and benches. 

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Lake Park Plot Map

The Establishment of Lake Park:

Lake Park was established on November 19, 1951 with a ceremony attended by neighbors, City Councilmen, and Mayor Francis R. Smith. It was opened as a recreational area for the surrounding new developments in the Lake Park Heights area, and was centered around Shannon’s Pond. The pond was originally used for ranch irrigation, and is fed by the Highland Ditch (built in 1880) which flows from the Truckee River 12 miles to what is now Rancho San Rafael Park. 

The developers of the Lake Park Heights subdivision, Wiechmann & Probasco, deeded Lake Park to the City of Reno. According to the Reno Evening Gazette on November 18, 1951, hundreds of yards of Truckee River gravel were brought in the form a solid bottom of the 3-foot deep lake. Featured activities in the newly-built park included fishing and ice skating. 


Lake Park Sign


Image by Jay Kolbet-Clausell

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Typical Flora and Fauna

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Community Stories and Photos:

Cathy Schmidt, Feb. 2020

Lake Park

The Friends of Lake Park worked today to get the park ready for Spring, cleaning up the garden beds and raking leaves. While we worked, a pair of Killdeer ran around the shore, a Red-Tailed hawk soared overhead, and quite a few people enjoyed walking around the park, including Arnold and Margaret DeAngelis (he is over 100 years old!). What a treasure this little lake is!

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Lake Park

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Lake Park History Researchers

Catherine Schmidt and Elizabeth Francis

Catherine and Elizabeth are the History Researchers for this park. They have dedicated time to research and document the history of the Lake Park. Thank you Catherine and Elizabeth for your commitment to our parks and historic preservation!


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