Miguel Ribera Park

General Park Information:

Miguel Ribera park is a 19-acre Reno park without a restroom. 

Amenities Include: 

Playground, skatepark, soccer fields, tennis court, basketball court, horseshoes, volleyball, rentable shelters, picnic shelters, barbecue area, walking paths, and tables/benches. Here is a link for rental information for Miguel Ribera Park on the City of Reno’s website.


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Washoe County Fish Rearing Station: 

The land upon which the park and community center are located was a fish rearing station from 1925 until 1990, when it was converted into a park. Prior to 1925, the area had been a drain and ditch site surrounded by farm land.


Fishing in Reno’s rivers and streams was a popular sport by early residents. But in the 1920’s, most of the major rivers, streams, and lakes in Nevada stopped producing enough fish to satisfy fishermen, so the Nevada Department of Wildlife and the US Fish and Wildlife Service established fish hatcheries and rearing stations to supply the waterways. The Washoe County Rearing Station was developed to raise rainbow, brook, and brown trout for this purpose.


One of the many success stories of the Washoe Fish Rearing Station was its success in saving the rare and endangered cui-ui fish, found only in Pyramid. The fish typically spawn in the Truckee River and are important to the Pyramid Lake Paiute Indian Tribe. The fish have been recovering thanks to efforts by biologists at the rearing station.



Image by: Jay Kolbet-Clausell

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Typical Flora and Fauna

The following are a few of our favorite highlights. 

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Biodiversity Submissions:

Community Stories and Photos:

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Miguel Ribera

Tell us your stories about this park or share your photographs to add to the growing record of our shared park history! 

Your Name

Miguel Ribera

Tell us your stories about this park or share your photographs to add to the growing record of our shared park history! 

Your Name

Miguel Ribera

Tell us your stories about this park or share your photographs to add to the growing record of our shared park history! 

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volunteer highlights

Miguel Ribera Park History Researcher

Jill Richardson

Jill is the History Researcher for this park. She has dedicated time to research and document the history of Miguel Ribera Park. Thank you Jill for your commitment to our parks and historic preservation!

Volunteer Researcher:

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Doggie Ambassador:

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Gail Matyas and Theresa Wojtkowiak:

Gail Matyas and Theresa Wojtkowiak are the Doggie Waste Ambassador for this park. Thank you Gail and Theresa for helping to keep Miguel Ribera Park free from dog waste and keeping our parks clean!


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