Moana Park and Stadium

General Park Information:

Moana Park and Stadium is a 5-acre Reno park without a restroom.

Amenities Include: 

Playground, soccer/football field, and tables/benches.

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Photo by: Jay Kolbet-Clausell


Moana Hot Springs:

Bath house at Moana Springs

Source: Jed Black, The Western Nevada Historic Photo Collection,

The Moana Park complex was once home to sheep peacefully grazing on land above an artesian well of 180 degree water. But their lives changed in 1905 when three entrepreneurs opened a resort, including what was advertised as the largest pool in Nevada, heated by the hot springs. There were six smaller pools, for groups of six to eight, catering to guests who wanted privacy.


Initially, patrons came by car or wagon, or they could take a bus from downtown Reno to the resort for only 25 cents. A few years later, local landowner, Louis Berrum, built a street car line to bring visitors from California Avenue, down Plumas Street, to the resort on Moana Lane. Nevada Senator Francis Newlands spoke in favor of this electric railroad, stating that Reno must offer the amenities of metropolitan life to attract those engaged in mining to take up residency in Reno.


After a few years, Lou Berrum, who was born in Denmark and came to Nevada in 1887, bought the entire resort. He made his home across the street from the resort so he could manage the pool. After his death in 1938, his son, Lou Jr., took control of the business. Lou Jr. sold the resort and land to the City of Reno in 1956.



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Moana Park and Stadium

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Moana Park and Stadium

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Moana Park and Stadium History Researcher

Jill Richardson

Jill Richardson is the History Researcher for this park. She has dedicated time to research and document the history of Moana Park and Stadium. Thank you Jill for your commitment to our parks and historic preservation!


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