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Nevada Lupine

Scientific Name:

Lupinus nevadensis


Herbaceous Plant


Sagebrush-dominated shrub communities or pinyon-juniper woodland


Western Great Basin in Nevada, California, and Oregon


No listest status

This species is


to the Truckee Meadows.


Nevada lupines are wildflowers that grow 5 to 15 inches tall with flowers that cluster to create a long spiral that narrows at the tip. The flowers are generally purple-blue with a white patch in the middle. Leaves are hairy and palmate, meaning they have many (6 to 10) leaflets that radiate from the center.

Fast Facts:

  • There are hundreds of species of lupines across the world.

  • Nevada lupines are in the pea family and have fruit similar to pea pods.

  • Several lupine species can be toxic if ingested.

  • Here in the Truckee Meadows, Nevada lupines can be found at Rancho San Rafael Regional Park and near the East Keystone Trailhead. 

  • Lupines are nitrogen-fixing plants.



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