Plumas Park

General Park Information:

Plumas Park is a 5-acre Reno park with a year-round restroom.

Amenities Include: 

Playground, soccer/football field and basketball court. It also contains the Plumas Gym, which has two rentable volleyball courts, a basketball court, and bleacher seating.

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Ownership of the Land:

George Wingfield, who donated the land. Source: Wingfield Family Society.

The location of Plumas Park was once the site of the original B.D. Billinghurst Junior High School. The school opened in fall of 1930 for 600 students and closed in December of 1975. The park was established a few years after the closure of the school.


The school was named for Benson Dillon Billinghurst, who served as Reno’s school superintendent from 1908 until 1950. The land was donated to the city by George Wingfield for the purpose of building a school. At the time of the school’s opening, the 2-story building contained twenty classrooms, a library, study hall, teachers’ room, and gymnasium. There was a basement with rooms for sewing, music, domestic science, cafeteria, and laboratories. The only remaining evidence of the school is the old gymnasium, now used as a recreation center by the City of Reno.


Plumas Park Sign

Image by Jay Kolbet-Clausell



Typical Flora and Fauna

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Plumas Park

Tell us your stories about this park or share your photographs to add to the growing record of our shared park history! 

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Plumas Park

Tell us your stories about this park or share your photographs to add to the growing record of our shared park history! 

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Plumas Park

Tell us your stories about this park or share your photographs to add to the growing record of our shared park history! 

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volunteer highlights

Plumas Park History Researchers

Jill Richardson

Jill Richardson is the History Researcher for this park. She has dedicated time to research and document the history of Plumas Park. Thank you Jill for your commitment to our parks and historic preservation!

Volunteer Researcher:

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Rephotography Site Steward:

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Susan Palladino:

Susan Palladino was the Site Steward for Plumas Park. She documented the change in Plumas Park in 2017. Thank you Susan for your dedication to the Parks Foundation!


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