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General Rules

  • Team check in begins at 10:00 am on Saturday June 4th, at the TMPF office at 50 Cowan Dr. in Idlewild Park. The “Quail Qlue Book” (hard copy, one per team, DO NOT LOSE THIS) with all the clues for the day will be handed out promptly at 11:00 am, and the hunt will begin.  


  • At registration time, each team must specify:​

    • Team name;

    • Team name #hashtag they will be using throughout the day;

    • What one (1) posting method they will be using throughout the day (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, email, or SD card);

    • Account name(s) they will be posting from​

      • Ensure that TMPF is able to view photos (ie: TMPF follows you or that the account is public);

      • EVERYTHING NEEDS TO BE SHARED PUBLICLY in order for TMPF to view and award points.


  • At registration everyone on the team must sign the team’s liability/photo waiver (provided by TMPF).


  • Each team must register with team members and pay $20 per person by Friday June 3rd.


  • ALL team members (minus the photographer, although--in this case--TMPF supports selfies), MUST be in the photo for points to count.


  • All children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult. Youths ages 16 and 17 may enter the scavenger hunt without an adult as long as they have written permission from their parents. One adult per team of children under 16 is required.


  • All individuals must obey local, state, federal and park rules and regulations at all times.


  • Only official trails and locations sanctioned by the managing agency will be used. Please stay on the trails!


  • No questions or tasks require participants to gather materials from the park or make a destructive impact on park resources in any way. Only pictures will be taken and submitted.


  • Do not take selfies with wildlife.


  • Every team that fails to check in with TMPF by 4:00 pm will lose points for every 5 minutes late. Final cutoff is 4:30 pm.


  • Teams must also keep a written log of completed tasks and submit the log no later than 4:00 pm.


  • All photos taken during the scavenger hunt become property of TMPF and will be shared with our park department partners.


  • If teams need assistance with social media sites, TMPF will help to set up an account and give a demonstration on how to post the Friday before the hunt.


  • Every team must have either a smartphone for posting/emailing photos, or a digital camera with an SD card. Bring your own cord for your digital camera just in case.


  • Above all else, please do not interfere with any other park guests or participating teams. This will lead to disqualification. Treat others as you wish to be treated and have fun.


Social Media Submission Rules

  1. Teams submitting through social media MUST have submissions in by 4:00 pm sharp, or else points will not count.

  2. No points will be awarded without hardcopy log turned in at the end of the day.

  3. Required tags submissions to count:

    • #number

    • #quailquest

    • #teamname

    • ex: #17 #quailquest #TMPFers

  4. Only posts from your specified social media source will count. (ex: TMPFers are only using Twitter)


Email Submission Rules

  1. Teams submitting through email MUST have submissions in by 4:00 pm sharp, or else points will not count.

  2. No points will be awarded without hardcopy log.

  3. Include team name and clue number in email body

  4. Send to


SD Card Submission Rules

  1. Teams submitting through SD Card MUST have the SD card in the hands of a TMPF staff member by 4:00 pm sharp, or else points will not count.

  2. Keep track of the order pictures are in on the hardcopy log.

    • ie: First picture on SD card is of TMPF building, handwritten #1 on hardcopy log next to TMPF building clue

  3. Points can not be given without hardcopy log.

  4. Bring your own cord for the camera, just in case.


Helpful Hints - These are found in your “Quail Qlue Book”

  1. Listen to 89.1 FM KXNV “The Fine 89” all day for extra points.

    • Hints, score updates, and meetups will be announced throughout the day.

    • Listen for particular songs worth bonus points. Post a photo or video of your team while these songs are on for bonus points.

  2. Follow TMPF on all social media.

    • We will be live score updating, and giving out important information throughout the day.

  3. There will be three meetups throughout the day. One shared at the beginning of the day, and two will be announced half an hour before hand on the radio and our social media. Each meetup will be worth a potential 100 points.

  4. Each team is allowed lifeline. Call the number found in your “Quail Qlue Book” for help with one clue.



  1. First & Second Place Prices (teams in automobiles)

  2. First & Second Place Prices (teams on bikes)


If you have any questions regarding the rules or need any sort of clarification, please contact:

Belen Figueroa

(775) 453-0713

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