Typical flora and fauna: 

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General Park Information:

Virginia Lake Park is a 32-acre Reno park with a year-round restroom.

Amenities Include: 

Playground, dog park, exercise court, walking path, picnic shelter, rentable shelter, barbeque area, tables/benches, bird watching, and fishing.


Virginia Lake Park also has a beautiful lake that is home to many different species of waterbirds. Bring your binoculars and explore!


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General History:

Virginia Lake was constructed (1938-39) during the Great Depression as part of the “New Deal” under the Works Progress Administration (WPA) to provide jobs constructing the lake. The construction crew started out with 25 men and grew to employ 60 men during Virginia Lake’s development. Through the help of WPA workers, Virginia Lake was dug and filled with water, the storm drains added, the walking path surrounding the lake implemented, park landscape installed, and roads created connecting Virginia Lake to Virginia Street, Plumas, and Moana.


The park landscaping was overseen by the superintendent of Washoe County Parks, John Henry Reeve. Reeve had also helped with the design of the Golden Gate Park in San Francisco and the Los Angeles Parks District prior to helping oversee the design of Virginia Lake. Reeves transplanted many of the trees and plants at Virginia lake (such as the junipers) from the desert. UNR and many community members donated a bunch of plants which saved on the cost of this parks project. 98% of all the transplanted flora survived, a huge accomplishment and savings.  


Virginia Lake Park Entrance

Image by Haley McGuire 


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Virginia Lake Park

During the Covid-19 pandemic in the spring of 2020, I walked around the lake almost every day. One day I was sitting on a bench watching the birds on the island when somebody dropped a piece of bread at my feet as they walked past; I was subsequently swarmed by hungry pigeons. It makes me laugh now, but I was pretty freaked out in the moment. (Also, please don't feed the birds bread!)

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Virginia Lake Park

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volunteer highlights

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Doggie Ambassadors Project:

Colleen McClintock:

Colleen McClintock is the Doggie Waste Ambassador for this park. Thank you Colleen for helping to keep Virginia Lake free from dog waste!


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Rephotography Site Steward:

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Susan Palladino:

Susan Palladino is the Site Steward for Virginia Lake Park. She has been involved with The Parks Rephotography Project since 2013. Thank you Susan for your dedication to the Parks Foundation for over four years! Click here to see the collection!


References/more info

General Park Resources:

History  Resources:

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