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Cat-Faced Spider

Scientific Name:

Araneus gemmoides




Arid, mountainous states like Nevada, as well as more humid states with lots of vegetation like Washington and Minnesota


Western to midwestern North America


No listed status

This species is


to the Truckee Meadows.


Cat-faced spiders can vary significantly in color as indicated by photos. The colors range from a light beige color to a darker gray-brown color. Female cat-faced spiders can vary in color depending on whether they are feeding or overwintering. Cat-faced spiders have two bumps and dimple-like features on their round abdomens. Along with other abdomen markings, these features give the impression of a cat face. Female cat-faced spiders are twice as big as males, with the females being up to 25 millimeters long. A female cat-faced spider can produce an egg sack that may be many times larger than her own body.

Fast Facts:

  • Cat-faced spiders (gemmoides) are also known as “monkey-faced spiders.”

  • These spiders are valued by gardeners since they eat many insects that can cause problems in the garden. 

  • Cat-faced spiders are not considered dangerous to humans.

  • Cat-faced spiders are considered orb weaver spiders.

  • Per individual observer reports, cat-faced spiders have been spotted in the Galena area, as well as Spanish Springs in places where there is an abundance of insects, whether it is in a park or near a residence.



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