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Student Stewards Program

Our inquiry-driven programs are aligned with NGSS & Common Core and uniquely designed to support distance learning. We offer hands-on community science programs in the classroom and on exploratory field trips to local, accessible parks. We are so excited to share our love of the outdoors and help you harness the power of nature-oriented science education!

Inspiring the next generation of enthusiastic scientists and environmental caretakers

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Signature Features

What makes the SSP special?

The Student Stewards Program is a hands-on, STEAM based curriculum that helps students both connect with local, open spaces and also realize their role as community scientists, active stewards, and engaged learners.

Through our programs, parks become learning laboratories where students collect real environmental data. We introduce kids to local scientists, prepare them for success with their current and future educational goals, and nurture their understanding of community responsibility!

Being outdoors promotes personal and community well-being. In these challenging times, our program is especially designed to be distance-friendly while still keeping accessible and engaging to diverse populations!

Above the Clouds

 Junior Naturalists

The Junior Naturalist Program is a free, outdoor program for families with kids of all ages. Children receive a passport  to their local parks and earn stamps and prizes for attending environmental education explorations each month!

Students who establish an interest in science and math at a young age are more likely to graduate high school and pursue STEM-based careers, a field with a projected 14% increase by 2020. In just the summer of 2020, we increased the academic interest and aspirations of 68% of our students!

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Pre-activities to do with your class!

Field trip to a park nearby for science exploration!


Because we are committed to keeping our programs accessible, our programs are FREE for schools with majority 50.1% free-reduced lunch student population.

For non-qualifying schools, we charge a small fee of $5 per participating student.

We also offer private group lessons at $10 per participant.

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