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Wetlands are just as their name describes - wet lands. Wetlands come in many forms such as swamps, bogs, or marshlands - the latter of which is found here at the Nature Study Area. 

Prior to the 1970s, wetlands were seen as wastelands. It was common for wetlands to be destroyed in order to develop land for agriculture, industry, and housing. Many modern cities are built upon drained wetlands. In fact, Reno and the greater Truckee Meadows were once defined by their wetlands. It is estimated that Nevada has lost over 52% of its wetlands since European settlement. 


Today, wetlands are still threatened by human causes such as water diversions, industrial and agricultural waste, land development, prolonged drought, and other effects of climate change. Overall, the United States continues to lose approximately 50,000 acres of wetlands each year.


Wetlands are an incredibly important ecosystem. They provide a vast number of services to both humans and the environment. Click the image to learn some of the crucial benefits that wetlands, such as the one here at the Nature Study Area, provide.


Check Out the Nature Study Area's Trail Cameras!

The Wetland Restoration Technicians place trail cameras around the Rosewood Nature Study Area so that we can get an idea on the wildlife we have on the property and how they are using the wetland!

Check out this video to learn more about how the trail cameras work!
Check out these photos we have captured using our trail cameras!

Printable Activities for Kids!

Rosewood Nature Study Area Scavenger Hunt

Rosewood Scavenger Hunt.png

Rosewood Nature Study Area
BINGO Activity

Rosewood Bingo.png

Pollinator Maze Activity


Wetland Coloring Pages

Coloring Cover.png

Plants & Animals of the Rosewood Nature Study Area

Common Birds

Friendly _weeds_.jpg
Non-native Plants.jpg
Rosewood Bird Handout.png
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