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The Parks Foundation in the News

Truckee Meadows Parks Foundation is making headlines! Click on the images in the gallery below to read local news features about what we're up to! Click on the edges of the gallery to rotate to the next image and news story.

Jan 17 2022 KTVN
Jan 17 2022 KOLO8
Jan 17 2022 KOLO8 2nd
Dec 6 2021
oct 5 2021
Senator Rosen at Rosewood Nature Study [Area]
Rosewood Nature Study Area Open To The Public
New trail, interpretive center opens off Pembroke Drive
Restoring Rosewood Lakes Golf Course
april 20 2021
march 25 2021
Rosewood Lakes Golf Course Wetlands Restoration Plan Moves Forward
Explore The Outdoors Challenge
mar 11 2021
jan 18 2021
Dec 4 2020
Sept 6 2020
aug 18 2020
july 2 2020
june 1 2020
jan 29 2020
jan 19 2020
jan 2 2020
Sept 5 2019
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