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10th Anniversary Gala Recap

Written By: Jennie Johnson

This past Sunday, April 23rd, the Truckee Meadows Parks Foundation celebrated its 10th Anniversary with a Gala at Rosewood nature Study Area. Truckee Meadows Parks Foundation is a private nonprofit that was incorporated in 2012 and received its 501(c)(3) determination in 2013 on Earth Day. Truckee Meadows Parks Foundation protects and enhances our communities' livability through public engagement, education, and the sustainability of our parks, open spaces, and trails.

The special event featured an adventurous Nevada themed-menu designed by Chef Will Sheppard of Estella and influenced by Great Basin foods and traditional Washoe cooks. The Gala also featured live music from local band, The Reno Swing Set. There was a silent auction for custom pots hand-painted by some of our Americorp members. The event also featured a raffle of prizes located by local businesses. Our attendees included people from throughout the community and individuals who have supported the Parks Foundation throughout the last 10 years, all of whom dressed in stunning cocktail attire. And finally, our Executive Director Heidi Anderson took the stage to talk about the history of the Truckee Meadows Parks Foundation and our future goals and projects

The real star of the evening was the food prepared by Chef Will! The menu was trophic/food-chain themed and featured plants and animals found here in Northern Nevada. One course highlighted a “Primary Producer” which is an organism that produces its own food. These are most often plants that use the sunlight to create energy through photosynthesis. The “Primary Producer” course was a Gooseberry Tart. Another course highlighted detritivores or decomposers which live off of decaying organic matter. This can include animals and plants, but more commonly decomposers are fungi and insects. The Detritivore Course was a Mushroom tart with an optional crispy bugs topping. Guests who enjoyed the crispy bug topping earned a special “ I Ate a Bug Sticker!” Other dinner highlights included Stinging Nettle Pasta, Smoked Trout, Elk, Quail, plus native teas and a Parks-inspired Bee’s Knees Cocktail. Two draft beers were donated by local business Pigeon Head Brewery.

Guests who entered the raffle had the opportunity to bid on a “Taste of Reno” package that included gift cards to local breweries and a “Local Getaway” package had Aces tickets and a local hotel stay. Thank you to all of the donors and sponsors to the event including the Peppermill, Reno Aces, Moana Nursery, Cold Stone Creamery, Total Wine, Black Rabbit Mead, Schussboom Brewing, Big Horn Tavern, Mt. Rose Ski Resort, B-Extreme Health and Wellness, NFL Raiders, Pet Playhouse, College Cyclery, Scheels and the Peppermill and an art piece donated by Kane and Partners. Other event sponsors and supporters included Growing Smiles, The Jesse Reno, Edward Jones and the Pour House Carson. Special thanks to the Reno Swing Set for the music, Chef Will for the menu, and KTVN News 2 for covering the event.

If you want to learn more about supporting the Truckee Meadows Parks Foundation or participating in any of our upcoming events, including our Spring Plantemonium event at the Rosewood Nature Study Area, subscribe to our mailing list to stay up to date on everything!


About the Author

Jennie is serving her second Americorps VISTA term as the Wetland Restoration Outreach Coordinator. She is from right here in Reno and went to the University of Nevada, Reno for a degree in Cultural Anthropology. She’s excited to use her marketing background to teach people about the parks and opportunities in their community. She enjoys running, hiking, sunshine and events such as Moms on the Run and the American River Half Marathon.


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