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What is Giving in 2020?

What is considered "giving" in 2020? Looking back tells us it’s certainly not the same as last year, or the one before that. What is giving to a furloughed family? Or a small business struggling to keep doors open? This year, we’ve seen the true definition of giving through the generosity of our community. You have made it possible for experiences in our open spaces to cross the barriers of COVID-19 through virtual and hands-on programming in our local parks-- thank you!

Here are some of the ways you’ve given to us this year:

Time and Service

One of the most valuable gifts is time, simply because you can’t replace it! Volunteers and community supporters are the backbone of our programs and events. Without the dedication, hard work and commitment to creating impact, we simply couldn’t do what we do. While utilizing specialized sanitization and social distancing practices, park pals were able to gather for guided hikes, walks, restoration and cleanup events throughout parks in the community.

Our three-day Plantemonium event at the proposed Nature Study Area was a planting powerhouse, with volunteers installing 750 plants across the entire property. Events like the Great Community Clean Up with Keep Truckee Meadows Beautiful reminded us that the biggest little community shows up for what matters, especially the preservation of their open spaces.


This year, social media has emerged as one of the prime ways to engage, interact, and connect with those around us. While we haven’t been able to share the same experiences in person, technology has emerged as a tool to fill those gaps. We are so excited to share that this year has been, by far, our most successful in sharing our mission and community impacts through social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and our weekly blog posts.

We’ve so enjoyed keeping up with the adventures that you tag us in, and loved exploring our community through the photos submitted during the #TMPFall photo contest. Our September Stewardship Challenge was truly a celebration of community, showcasing the individuals and local businesses that support stewardship of our precious parks while bringing people together through environmentally conscious practices. Each time we receive a comment, like, share, or direct message, we are so excited to engage and communicate with our fellow park pals. Your excitement to share propels our mission of awareness, appreciation, and stewardship to more members of our community.


Your donations this year have empowered a successful programming pivot to COVID-19 friendly protocols in both virtual and hands-on formats. With over $31, 830 awarded in Summer Camp scholarships, your generous contributions provided nine weeks of outdoor learning while allowing campers to build connections in a safe environment!

Your continued support provides for an investment in at-home science kits, virtual hike videos and park tours, science learning videos, outdoor challenge apps, and self-guided park exploration programs. Your generosity makes it possible for more people to experience their parks regardless of age, ability, or circumstance.

Throughout 2020, each day has brought some new crisis, challenge, or call for growth. We weren’t

sure what our community would be able to give, or how they would find a way to show their support amidst all the other demands this year has presented. But, once again, you’ve completely blown us away. In one of the most difficult years for our community, our people, and our parks, you’ve managed to provide incredible support through gifts of time, service, mission sharing, and fiscal generosity. We can’t thank you enough for all you’ve done to ensure the continuation of our parks as a resource for mental health, outdoor learning, and person-to-person connection. Thank you for bringing parks to the people that need them most.


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