Looking to the Future

Over 73% of adults in Truckee Meadows believe that parks, trails, and open spaces are an essential part of a community's health care system; however, only 5% of our region’s land is used for public parks....we know we have more work ahead of us that insures the health of our community and the generations that will follow.


Your contributions will allow us to continue the restoration of Rosewood Nature Study Area to a functional and beautiful addition to our community.

Giving today creates a healthier tomorrow. 



As we forge Rosewood Nature Study Area into healthy resource for our community to use and enjoy, we ask that you continue to support our efforts to establish new parks in our neighborhoods.


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Have you been out to the Rosewood Nature Study Area recently? New trail surfaces are in progress, wildlife habitat is expanding, and children are exploring during field trips! Together we are directing the future health of our community and we are super excited to continue working with you on this project.



At less than half of the recommended ratio, Truckee Meadows has only 3.94 acres of parks and open spaces per 1000 people. Your support is needed to protect and grow these vital spaces.