Your Public Parks Need You

Just like the lodgepole pine, whose cones start to sprout after a wildfire, our community has shown extraordinary resilience in continuing to grow throughout 2021. As we prepare for the new year and new growth, we ask you to remember how your public lands served as a meeting ground and as an inspiration source for your community. To continue preserving our open spaces and keep offering our community programs, we need your support. Your public parks need you.


A donation today speaks for a brighter tomorrow.


We need to come together
to support our public lands

In the last year, we saw four out of ten adults reporting symptoms of anxiety or depression. Our neighborhood schools fell half a year behind in math due to the pandemic. The Dixie Fire and Caldor Fire burned over one million acres and threatened the future of Lake Tahoe. While we have come together as a community to build stronger connections with our public lands, we need to equally advocate for the wellbeing of our lands.


Our parks are struggling
under a higher demand

Studies show that one out of every three adults increased their use of public parks during the pandemic, and we see this with wear and tear on our park amenities, in park programs with higher demand, and more trash on our trails. The outdoors are creating a safe space for many, but these beloved areas need our care now more than ever.



You make a difference
in our programs and our community

Your support is essential to our continued outdoor stewardship and community programs. Throughout the year, you have shown up to keep our programs going strong. You rallied to provide winter gear when snow fell at Spring Science Camp. You volunteered your weekends to plant pollinator gardens and to help restore the Rosewood Nature Study Area. Your contributions make a difference.