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Alpine Goldenrod

Scientific Name:

Solidago multiradiata


Herbaceous Plant


Occurs in rocky areas and below alpine mountain slopes, grows in sandy regions with good drainage and loam (a soil mixture of sand and clay) in partial shade


Western and midwestern United States, as well as Alaska and Canada


No listed status

This species is


to the Truckee Meadows.


Alpine goldenrod are perennial, flowering herbs that may grow up to two feet tall. This goldenrod species features bright yellow flowers in small clusters at the ends of each stem, along with rounded, spoon-shaped leaves.

Fast Facts:

  • Alpine goldenrod is also known as Rocky Mountain goldenrod or northern goldenrod

  • Alpine goldenrod plants attract butterflies; more specifically, they act as host plants for species of butterfly larvae such as Damoetus checkerspot (Chlosyne whitneyi).

  • Alpine goldenrods can be used as groundcover plants in gardens, and can be planted to attract native bees.



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