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 Truckee Meadows Parks Foundation strives to provide their community members with rewarding and worthwhile opportunities to emphasize stewardship in our local parks. Volunteer events take place throughout the year in a conscious effort to mobilize motivated groups of individuals that want to make a positive impact on their parks, environment, and community. Join us for the opportunity to learn new skills, give back, and feel good doing it!

MLK BioBlitz

MLK BioBlitz

Idlewild Park Clean-Up

Idlewild Park Clean-Up

Citizen Science Educator

Citizen Science Educator

Park Walks

Park Walks

Invasive Species Removal

Invasive Species Removal

Event Opportunities

Volunteers Needed!

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Join us January 16th, from 9:00am-1:00pm
at the Rosewood Nature Study Area for the Martin Luther King Day of Service! Don't miss out on a day of cleaning up the wetlands, while also learning to identify local plants and wildlife!

Volunteer Spotlight

This month’s volunteer spotlight is one of TMPF’s wonderful volunteers and board members, Jill Richardson! Jill has been on the board of Truckee Meadows Parks Foundation for the past 2 years and has completed extensive work for our Parks Project program as a History Researcher. Jill has presented to several local organizations on the history of parks and has published two articles in the Historic Reno Preservation Society’s newsletter FootPrints. You can find some of her historical write-ups on the Parks Project page! 

Jill Richardson


Thank you for everything you do, Jill! 

On-Going Opportunities 

History Researcher

Enhance your communities’ knowledge about their parks and open spaces! Become a parks historian and contribute to the Parks Project’s comprehensive database. Click the badge to learn more!



Having a ruff day? Becoming a Doggie Ambassador may just be the ‘ultimutt’ cure! Help keep parks and trails free of dog waste by managing an in-park dog bag dispenser, otherwise known as a Dog Waste Station! Click the badge to learn more!

Biodiversity Content Specialist

Enhance your communities’ knowledge about their parks and open spaces! Become a Biodiversity Content Specialist and contribute to the Parks Project’s comprehensive database. Click the badge to learn more!

Rosewood Volunteer Opportunities

Phenology Observer

Study, observe, and record the natural changes around you. Become a Phenology Observer to study plants and animals and contribute meaningful scientific data to the Rosewood Nature Study Area and the scientific community at large! Click the badge to learn more!

Precipitation Observer

Make field observations and record precipitation data to aid in the sustainable development of the Rosewood Nature Study Area. With your help, the data collected will not only help our local wetlands, but contribute important rain/snow collection information to climate scientists all over the world! Click the badge to learn more!

Saturday Docent

Rosewood Nature Study Area is looking to increase its weekend visitation by introducing volunteer-led programming on Saturdays.

This could include guided walks, bird tours, history talks, nature photography, youth science activities, and small clean-ups or volunteer events. If you have something else to offer, let us know! Click the badge to learn more!

email if interested in any of these opportunities

Want to volunteer?

Thanks for choosing Truckee Meadows Parks Foundation as the your place to volunteer. The Volunteer Coordinator will get back to you as soon as possible.

Current Volunteers

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