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Help us help our parks, and people, continue to grow during this time. 

With a global health crisis, joblessness, and social isolation, it has been hard to know where to turn to find peace. Through this continued season of uncertainty, parks serve as the lungs of our region.


 With the looming financial repercussions of 2020 to the many local, state, and federal park budgets, we know this burden will fall to community organizations like us, and we need your help to get through.


G.E.T. Outdoors

During this global pandemic, 7-12th graders are receiving less opportunities to get outside and engage with nature and their friends. For the last year, Truckee Meadows Parks Foundation has been developing a smart-phone application to encourage students to stay active and explore their local parks. With your help we hope to engage students with this exciting mobile app by Spring 2021.  


*Some pictures were taken prior to social-distancing guidelines.

Wetland 345.png

Healthy by Nature

Trees are the lungs of our community. Truckee Meadows Parks Foundation continues to develop the proposed Nature Study Area, a community space built by you, for you. Since the pandemic last March, we see the importance of growing our open spaces as a place for our community members to rejuvenate and find peace. We need your help to ensure that open spaces continue to be there for you. 

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Discover Your Parks

 It's been a long year and it is time to invest in yourself by investing in your local parks. We know the benefits of getting outside lead to reduced stress and increased physical and mental health. Studies show us that organized activities can increase park use by 25%. By providing access to free Discover Your Parks walks, we keep these programs alive with your support.  

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