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Goats at Rosewood Nature Study Area

Goats have been shown to be effective at controlling stands of invasive species, especially as part of an integrated pest management plan. Goats will eat many of the noxious weeds present at the Rosewood Nature Study Area, including tall whitetop, purple loosestrife, kochia, etc. Goats on the property will greatly increase how many acres of invasive species can be treated allowing more revegetation!

Please see the FAQ below for more information on the goats or use the button to contact us for any other questions or concerns.



  • What are the goats doing out here?

    • The goats are eating invasive plant species on the property. The removal of these plants helps clear areas for revegetation with native plants. 

  • Do they bite?

    • While mostly friendly, goats are not pets and are unpredictable. It is best not to approach and try to pet them or give them the opportunity to bite you. 

  • Will they eat anything but invasive species?

    • Goats will eat almost any plant! In areas that the goats are browsing where there are already established native plants, we will cage the plants so the goats don’t eat those. 

  • Where will they be on the property?

    • The goats will be at different areas of the property throughout their time here depending on need! Sometimes they may be all the way on the South end where we won’t see them as often and sometimes they’ll be very near the main building!

  • How do they stay in a specific area?

    • The goats will be contained in certain areas of the property using a mix of electric fencing and herding dogs. The fencing is for the goat’s safety and doesn’t hurt them.

  • Can I pet/feed the goats?

    • The goats are here to work, so we encourage people to watch them and the process, but please do not try to pet or feed them.

  • Does anybody check on the goats?

    • The owners of High Desert Grazers are on site at all times to monitor the goats and make sure they are safe and healthy!

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