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Junior Naturalist Program FAQs

Q. Is the Junior Naturalist Program (JNP) free? 

A. Yes!


Q. Do I have to register my children for the JNP? 

A. Yes! It is very easy. Do it here.


Q. Are adults expected to stay with their children for the duration of the JNP?

A. Yes. Due to safety concerns, we request that adults stay with their children for the entire session.


Q. What age group is appropriate for the JNP?

A. All ages are welcome! We use the registered children to see what age ranges we need to plan and accommodate for with our activities. Please register here.


Q. When does the JNP take place?

A. The second Saturday of every month (except December), regardless of the weather! Check the schedule here.


Q. Where does the JNP take place? 

A. The location changes each month so we can explore a wide variety of Reno, Sparks, and Washoe County parks. For schedule and directions, click here


Q. I am interested in bringing a large (5+) group of students from a club/organization. How should I go about registering them?

A. The JNP was created for families. If you are interested in having a program specifically for a group (such as scouts, school clubs, etc.), we prefer to provide a tailored Junior Naturalist experience to fit your needs. For more information on group pricing, click here.


Q. Are pets welcome at the JNP?

A. Different site locations for the JNP have different regulations regarding dogs and other pets. However, we ask that all pets be kept at home given the age range, unknown allergies, and possible fears of other students.

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