Rosewood Nature Study Area

The vision of the Truckee Meadows Nature Study Area is to establish and steward a publicly accessible Great Basin wetland habitat where the community can come to learn about and appreciate the importance of our natural open spaces and local parks.

​Project Goals

  1. Develop a sustainable plan to restore and conserve sensitive wetland and upland habitat for native plants, wildlife, and natural resource management. 

  2. Rehabilitate existing trails and develop additional non-motorized trails to establish the wetland as a node in the larger network of area parks and open spaces. 

  3. Offer a state of the art, environmentally conscious nature center with hands-on, interactive exhibits for both children and adults to provide park-based programs, interpretive signage, and outdoor classroom spaces for families, community groups, and schools.

  4. Inspire community members to take a proactive volunteer role in the preservation and improvement of our parks and open spaces in order to strengthen the bond between the community and their open spaces.

rosewood bridge and water (1).jpg

Restoration Progress Status

Wetland Restoration Time Line.jpg

As of August 2020, the first operational year of restoration has been completed.  In this first year, we have improved 47 acres through invasive removal and native revegetation, 11,000 linear feet of streambank have been improved, one mile of trail has been enhanced, and both bridges have been repaired.  We are now moving into our second year of the restoration project.  Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram and check back here for updates.

New Fence
New Fence

A new fence was installed along the entrance to the wetland!