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Antelope Bitterbrush

Scientific Name:

Purshia tridentata




Arid mountains


Western North America


No listed status

This species is


to the Truckee Meadows.


Antelope bitterbrush are medium-sized shrubs that grow to about 8 feet tall. Their leaves are green with small hairs that give them a dusty appearance. Antelope bitterbrush have yellow flowers that resemble tiny wild roses and are very fragrant!

Fast Facts:

  • Indigenous groups have utilized bitterbrush to make a purple dye from its seeds, as well as moccasins and diapers from its wood.

  • Antelope bitterbrush is vital to many animal species, hence the "antelope" in its name. These shrubs are especially important as they produce food in winter when many animals are food insecure.

  • Antelope bitterbrush’s leaves are water-loss resistant, making them well-adapted to thriving in desert landscapes. These shrubs are often used for rangeland restoration in Nevada.

  • “Tridentata” in the shrubs' scientific name refers to their three-toothed leaves.

  • These shrubs can sprout roots out of their branches when they reach the ground, thus allowing them to expand in size.



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