Rosewood Walks and Events

The Rosewood Nature Study Area is offering free, ongoing interpretive walks and events. 
The Nature Study Area is a great place to enjoy fishing, birding or just a nice walk! There are a total of 2 miles of trails but more to come! 

The Rosewood Nature Study Area opened in the summer of 2021 at the site of the decommissioned Rosewood Lakes Golf Course. The site is still being actively restored to a functional wetland and community open space. To learn more about the ongoing project at Rosewood, click the Rosewood Nature Study Area logo!

Come see us at 6800 Pembroke Drive in Reno!

Coming Up!

Due to short staffing the next walk is TBD, come back here to check soon!

In order to help gauge how many people will be attending Saturday walks on the wetland, please fill out this form!

Rosewood Walks

Every Saturday when there is not a scheduled tour, there will be someone in the visitor center from 9am to 11am who can provide a guided tour!

Saturday Drop-in Tours 


Rosewood Events Calendar