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Dreaming about Nature

Have you ever found yourself wandering in the wilderness? You come across a trail that looks inviting as the tall evergreens cast some shade from the purple sun above. Walking along the trail you feel like someone is watching you but you can’t see past the bushes of sagebrush that have grown over 5 feet tall. You are greeted by the mountain chickadees’ cheerful calls. You stop and rest on a rock by the emerald green stream to do a little self reflection. The rock that you are resting on feels like rubber and smells like an orange. With closer inspection you find that it is, in fact, a giant tangerine. All of this seems normal, so you continue with your self reflection. What are you feeling? Are you scared? Hungry? Feeling trapped or adventurous? You don’t have time to decide as you start to hear rustling once again and this time it’s coming from the bush right next to you. Before your body allows you to move, a coyote peaks his head out and stares directly at you. In a voice that resembles Ildris Alba he says, “I heard you were looking for a new car!”

Have you had one of those dreams that makes you question what on earth your mind is working through as you try to sleep? Our subconscious mind is always awake, even when our body is at rest. Many times our mind is working through thoughts in ways that wouldn’t necessarily seem logical in our waking state. As you try to make some sense of what images and experiences you dream about, it can be difficult to understand if there is truly any meaning at all. The dream in its entirety may not resonate with you but I encourage you to take a look at the symbols that appear as they might give you some insight or perspective on what your mind is trying to relay.

Here are some common nature themed symbols you may encounter in your dreams:

Bears- Bears can symbolize many things including a dominant female figure, strength, avoiding an uncomfortable situation or overcoming obstacles. It really depends on what the bear was doing in your dream and your interaction with it. Check out this list of potential meanings.

Bees- Did a friendly bumblebee visit you in last night’s dream? Bees can represent many things, but it is best to consider your own personal views on the unique creature. One common occurrence is seeing a queen bee. A Queen bee can represent freedom of voice or feeling connected to community. A bee hive, however, can represent the need for more work life balance.

Bees can also touch on some of the harsher emotions we experience in life. According to Crystal Clear Intuition running from or getting attacked by bees can be our fear showing up. It can be a fear of deep internal pain or feelings of rejection from our community or close relationships.

Aria at has gathered a few questions to consider when interpreting dream symbolism in your dreams:

  • What ideas am I pollinating (nurturing) in my life?

  • If my attitude is like pollen, what kind of pollen am I spreading? Do I spread love wherever I go? Gossip? Peace? Anger? Joy?

  • Where do my thoughts most frequently land? Am I enjoying the nectar of the sweetest flowers, or do I linger in the marsh of unproductive thinking?

Birds- The general interpretation for spotting a bird in your dream is positive. Birds typically symbolize themes of love, peace, creativity and new life. For instance, if you see a green bird in your dream that could mean that nature is blooming or your subconscious is encouraging you to get outdoors. More details about the various types of birds that appear in dreams can be found here.

Flowers- If colorful flowers take center stage in your dreams, they often signify abundance, beauty and pleasure. They may also represent hidden talents that are asking to be expressed. In addition, if the flower is withered or dying, you may be dealing with a disappointment in life or thinking about ending a relationship.

River- Dreaming about a river often symbolizes our view or handling of life in general. In your dream, was the river flowing camly with gentle bends? Things may be going well in life right now. While a flooding river with harsh drops, bends and rapid flow might symbolize a feeling of being overwhelmed with life’s chaotic circumstances.

Snakes- Snakes are a hard one to interpret without context. When you dream about a snake, as mentioned with the other symbols, you want to pay attention to what the snake is doing. How did it make you feel? Were you threatened, curious, excited? Snake symbolism also varies drastically depending on cultural context. They can symbolize fear, renewal, temptation or even serve as a warning.

Spiders- Although dreaming of spiders might have some waking up in freight, their symbolism isn’t so scary. Spiders can sometimes be interpreted as your subconscious leading you to look into unchecked emotions or situations you have been avoiding. They can also symbolize a curiosity in the unseen or unknown. Spiders can also mean you are being called to create something new!

Trees- Trees are usually signs of life goals, personal discoveries and familial ties. When interpreting the meaning of a tree that appeared in your dream, note its general health. Was it a strong and thriving tree or diseased? What season was the tree expressing in the dream? There is much to unpack when it comes to trees showing up in dreams.


About the Author: Ashley is local to Northern Nevada. She graduated from the University of Nevada, Reno with a B.A. in Speech Communications and Journalism. Ashley's career has offered opportunities in the nonprofit sector, government and education. Although she has always felt a connection with the outdoors, that connection grew even stronger during the strenuous times of the pandemic. Ashley relied on her daily walks or hikes to help keep a sense of balance. She is excited to serve her first AmeriCorps term with TMPF, an organization that has positively impacted her family in many ways. When she is not exploring one of our local trails, Ashley is devouring ice cream, checking out local community activities or cheering on her son at a sporting event.


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