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Rosewood Nature Study Area: Reno's Newest Fishing Spot

The south-eastern areas of Reno have traditionally been home to a variety of waterfowl and other wildlife. Since early in the city’s history, maps have depicted the area as marshy and full of wetlands. As Reno grew, the area has been developed and re-developed several times. In 1991, Rosewood Lakes Golf Club was founded and operated as a public golf course for more than 15 years. The course closed to the public in 2015. Today, the Rosewood Nature Study Area has been established at the site of the former golf course. The Rosewood Nature Study Area will be fully restored to a functional wetland system and will provide educational and recreational opportunities for the community for years to come.

Walking trails and a nature center have been completed with plans for more trails and projects down the line. One added bonus is that Rosewood is now the site of the newest fishing spot in Reno. New fishing areas in Reno, let alone in any city, aren't always frequent. Waterways in municipal areas tend to be established and it's far more common to lose a fishing spot to development than to gain one.

However, with the wetland rehabilitation work at Rosewood, there are now plenty of new fishing spots to try around the park. The Nature Center is located at 6800 Pembroke Drive, walking east from there, almost any area under the Veterans Parkway Bridge is part of the approved fishing zone. A few areas of steep bank on the east half of the park are currently closed for safety but most of the large ponds and slough are open and full of fish!

Currently, the ponds are actually inhabited by an overabundance of invasive carp (Ctenopharyngodon idella). The carp are not native to Nevada and can grow to huge sizes. The carp outcompete native fish species, eat native plants and grasses and even disrupt waterfowl nests. We encourage our visitors to help us improve the wetlands by catching and removing these fish whenever possible.

For more information about Reno's newest fishing spot or to inquire about what areas are safe to fish, please visit our Nature Center. Rosewood Nature Study Area hours are:

Trails: 8:00am to 4:00pm, Monday through Saturday

Visitor Center: 9:00am to 3:00pm, Tuesday through Saturday

All types of fishing are permitted with a license except for bow or spear fishing. For information about upcoming Truckee Meadows Parks Foundation events, including fishing events, please subscribe to our Newsletter. Finally, if you or your organization is interested in supporting, sponsoring or hosting a fishing event at Rosewood, please contact us at


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