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Support Local Eco-Friendly Businesses This Holiday Season

Happy Holidays everyone! With holiday shopping in full swing, you might be wondering "Where can I shop, eat, or support that is local AND eco-friendly?". Well look no further! In the past we have created a few "Shopping Local" blogs with tips and tricks on where to support locally owned businesses during the holiday season. This year, we have for you a list of businesses that are not only local, but eco-friendly as well!


With several locations scattered around Reno, Coffeebar responsibly sources their coffee by partnering with local composting organizations and farms to reduce waste. Their coffee grounds and food waste are given to local farms through Reno-based food program, Down to Earth. These actions reduce excess waste in landfills, mitigates pollution in groundwater, and sustains soil with nutrients for future farming!

Great Full Gardens

Great Full Gardens is a delicious and vegetarian/vegan friendly restaurant with multiple locations around the Biggest Little City. Great Full Gardens a proud partner of environmental nonprofit, RootEd, serving the Reno community by implementing greenhouses in schools, homeless shelters, community gardens, and other non-profits in the area. Great Full Gardens prides themselves in inspiring young stewards to make an impact in their community by attaining eco-friendly habits in the greenhouse gardens they have helped implement.

Pignic and Noble Pie/ Noble Pie Parlor

In the last few years, you may have noticed fewer and fewer straws available around town. Pignic and Noble Pie, now known as the Noble Pie Parlor, located in Midtown Reno, was the leader of the paper straw initiative in Reno. They switched over to paper straws from plastic straws. Pignic and Noble Pie also tries to serve beverages without straws whenever possible and only provides customers with straws upon request. Plastic straws are a huge environmental issue and put the amazing wildlife in the Reno area at risk.

Great Basin Food Co-Op

Through Round Up for Food Justice, theGreat Basin Food Co-op diligently works in support of agricultural initiatives, research, start-ups, among other local green activities to help increase the supply of local food practices, which use renewable resources to produce food. The Great Basin Food Co-op bolsters our rural food systems in their efforts to host environmental clean-ups that support agricultural farming and economic impacts. In addition, they sell local and sustainably produced food products like Davidson’s Tea. Davidson’s Tea comes directly from the garden and is based in Reno, specializing in organic ingredients and fair-trade teas, herbs, spices, and more. This organization doesn’t operate storefront, but is sold at the Great Basin Food Co-op and can be purchased online. Davidson’s organic farms do not use any harsh chemicals to protect water sources from contamination. Come pick some up in the heart of Downtown Reno at the Great Basin Food Co-op now!

Replenish Refillery & Gift

In the Basement located next to the Truckee River, is Replenish Refillery & Gift. This shop sells various gifts intended for your home, self-care, or gifts for family and friends. Their products are completely natural and use little to no packaging. This shop also has a refill station with a vast selection of products that ranges from home products to self-care products. The refill section is a wonderful way to reduce package waste and promote reusing and recycling.

Labels Consignment Boutique

Labels Consignment Boutique is right in Downtown Reno. Just like the name of the store, it is filled with pre-owned high-end labels for your closet at a discounted price. Save money and the earth!

The Nest

The Nest is located on Dickerson Road in Reno. This boutique sells lots of quirky vintage clothing and furniture. If you’re looking for something unique at a lower price in favor of Mother Earth, make your way there!

Strange Bikinis

Also on Dickerson Road is a Reno-based swimwear company. Strange Bikinis specializes in sustainably made swimwear. The swimsuits are made from a biodegradable fabric. After three years of disposal by the wearer, the fabric will break down and produce no excess waste whatsoever. Strange Bikinis takes pride in their transparency and accountability regarding how Strange Bikinis are made— all the way from where the fabric comes from to how the products are manufactured, and everything in between. It is also important to note this company’s amazing branding through the promotion of body positivity, inclusivity, and the fact that they give back to the Reno community by hosting local trash pick-ups. Be sure to visit their store soon and get sustainable swimwear for your next vacation!

Clothes Mentor

Clothes Mentor is located on South McCarran Boulevard is a super affordable clothing store for women with resold items. These items are gently-used name brands and designer items. Head here to shop sustainably, save money, and find valuable essentials to add to your closet!

Down to Earth Composting

Down to Earth Composting is Reno’s neighborhood composting service; they offer composting services all over the city! Down to Earth provides buckets to locals to fill up with their compost, and then they will come pick it up and take it away once a week at a low cost. Two times a year, they will also give you your finished compost. This compost can be utilized in your garden or for your house plants! This is an excellent earth-friendly fertilizer. Visit their website now to learn more and sign-up and start composting your organic waste now!


About the Author:

Caroline earned a Bachelor's degree from the American University School of International Service in Washington, DC where she studied Environmental Sustainability and Global Health with minors in French and Art History. She grew up recreating outdoors in the northeast, but is passionate about preserving access to the outdoors everywhere. She relocated to the Reno-Tahoe area after leaving DC in May 2022 where she worked on preserving access to the near 200-mile Tahoe Rim Trail system for 6 months. In her free time, she enjoys art, running, and the sunshine!


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