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The Importance of Service

Having a sense of belonging is a normal human trait that we have and use to help us form relationships. Whether it’s with family or friends, we naturally find the community that makes us feel most comfortable. A community is like any other relationship, it requires attention and for us to do our individual parts to help the community stay together. Volunteering is a great way to develop new relationships.

Growing up, I always had a drive to help other people. My happiness stemmed from seeing other people happy. I found that the little things I would do for others left a huge impact. In school, I was a part of the National Honors Society where it was my responsibility to take on many volunteer opportunities to give back to my community. This is when I truly began serving the community. My service has ranged from helping package food and medicine to hospitals to arranging shoe drives in school for students to give away old shoes to those in need. I’ve enjoyed doing it all. Volunteers coming together with a common goal is a friendly environment that welcomes many people giving a good sense of belonging. It has shown me that in the most simple ways, my gestures can change someone's life for the better.

When we typically discuss volunteering and the benefits that come with it, we talk about the benefits it serves to the people in need or the community/environment that we tend to. Volunteering can also be just as beneficial to those who are serving. It’s a good way to stay physically and mentally active. Doing good for others or helping fulfill environmental needs leads to positive emotions. It gives a sense of accomplishment, self-confidence and even fulfillment. It’s a way to feel a sense of purpose and gain valuable skills.

Considering there are so many volunteer opportunities world wide, it can also serve as a great way to get a better understanding for a new career opportunity. Many volunteer positions help with professional development. These benefits help to increase certain skills that could be required or beneficial for a long term commitment. Overall, volunteering is a great way to be involved within a community you are passionate about. It’s a way to open up to opportunities that could lead to many career opportunities.

Ways to volunteer in your community are endless. Indoor opportunities could be helping in a kitchen for the homeless, mentoring children and organizing blood drives. Outdoor opportunities can be park clean up, planting native plants for restoration or researching the habitation of native species for deeper research projects. Find what your community needs to determine what you can do to be a part of the movement for a better community. Keep in mind, a little can go a long way. Small tasks from you can be life changing for others.

If you are interested in volunteering with Truckee Meadows Park Foundation (TMPF) please refer to the volunteer page on our website. Sign up to receive emails about the next volunteering opportunity you can get your hands on. We’d love to add you to the team! Thank you for caring for your community!


About the Author:

Amiyah is originally from Kansas City, Missouri. She received her B.S. in Parks, Recreation and Sport with an emphasis in Sport Management and a minor in Business at the University of Missouri. Her goal is to administer diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) throughout her time of service. She looks forward to gaining new professional skills and meeting new people. She has a passion for physical health and wellness and enjoys the happiness of other people engaging in outdoor recreation and sports. In her free time she enjoys watching football, (especially her home team, the Kansas City Chiefs), traveling and taking in the sun.


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