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Sponsor our Student Stewards

Thank you for sponsoring a Student Stewards Program Summer Camper!

When you make your generous donation we are one step closer to our goal of sponsoring 50 campers this summer. The youth that attend our Summer Camp will receive the tools to grow into community leaders and your donations make this possible.

Finalize your donation below to sponsor a camper!



Our Student Steward program continues to sponsor underserved students in our community. This summer we had over 110 kids that had the opportunity to participate in more than 10 experiments a week! They learned so much!



Our students work together, solve problems, observe changes, 
investigate new ideas, ...and by the end of camp, they walk away with both social and science skills and a new confidence to use them.



Contributing to TMPF's summer camp makes you a steward of the future. Your gift allows us to sponsor more students every year...

This year about 50% the students served were only able to come to camp because of scholarships, and many were able to stay for all nine weeks! 

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