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Which Local Park Are You Based on Your Zodiac Sign?

Happy Gemini Season my parks peeps! As a Gemini who loves astrology, I figured I’d write this blog as a fun birthday treat. I hope this blog inspires you to visit one of these lovely local parks as we transition from spring to summer. Please note that all zodiac descriptions have been pulled from various internet sources and my brain, so whether you resonate with them or not, know that this blog is just for fun. Without further ado, I present all of the zodiac signs as a local Truckee Meadows park.

Aries- Idlewild Park

  • Keywords: “I Am”, Warrior, Headstrong Initiator

  • Symbol: The Ram

  • Element: Fire

The first sign in the zodiac calendar, Aries are known to be natural born leaders. With that being said, Idlewild Park takes the lead for Reno’s social scene. Located in the heart of downtown, Idlewild is home to the weekly Sunday Farmer’s Market, Food Truck Fridays in the summer, and countless other special events. A warrior for local parks, Idlewild Park is the perfect example of the fiery Aries personality.

Taurus- Plumas Park

  • Keywords: “I Have”, Stabilizer, Practical Provider

  • Symbol: The Bull

  • Element: Earth

Known for being strong and practical, Plumas Park exudes big Taurus energy. Located in Midtown, Plumas Park contains a big, square, grassy field that gives the otherwise tightly packed commercial and residential neighborhood a much needed dose of open nature. Complete with sports fields and a playground, Plumas Park is reliable and serves its purpose well, much like Tauruses!

Gemini- Rancho San Rafael Park

  • Keywords: “I Think”, Communicator, Curious Intellectual

  • Symbol: The Twins

  • Element: Air

Geminis are associated with communication and curiosity, and as one of the biggest parks in the Truckee Meadows, Rancho San Rafael provides ample opportunities for conversation and discovery. Whether it be making doggy friends at the massive dog park field, or checking out the beautiful flowers and plants at the arboretum, you definitely won’t be bored at Rancho San Rafael Park (or with a Gemini 😉).

Cancer- Sparks Marina

  • Keywords: “I Feel”, Healer, Emotional Homemaker

  • Symbol: The Crab

  • Element: Water

The first of the water signs, Cancers are deeply caring and sensitive, exuding maternal energy. So naturally, this zodiac sign’s park equivalent had to be by a body of water. Complete with a large playground, dog park, and 2 miles of walking paths, the Sparks Marina is like going back home to mom’s house (at least for me, a Sparks native). Whether you’re looking for some family fun or a nice place to jog, the Sparks Marina has got your back, like a good Cancer friend would.

Leo- Bowers Mansion Regional Park

  • Keywords: “I Will”, Performer, Center of Attention

  • Symbol: The Lion

  • Element: Fire

Social and outgoing, Leo’s get a rep for being the center of attention. So naturally, the Truckee Meadows’ Leo park equivalent has to be Bowers Mansion Regional Park, the land featuring the home of Comstock millionaires Eilley and Sandy Bowers. Not only can you enjoy the outdoors at this park, you can also see how this affluent couple lived the posh life back in the 1800’s. With feats such as Nevada Living History Day and Programs on the Porch, Bowers Mansion Regional Park is sure to keep you entertained in true Leo fashion.

Virgo- Whitaker Park

  • Keywords: “I Analyze”, Perfectionist, Serving Messenger

  • Symbol: The Maiden

  • Element: Earth

The historic West University neighborhood needed a park, and thus Whitaker Park came into fruition, making its mark as one of the oldest parks in Reno. A practical and logical location for a park, Whitaker Park is Virgo to the core. While it may not be flashy or commanding of attention, Whitaker Park’s greatness lies in the details; created on the site of the former Bishop Whitaker’s School for Girls, Whitaker Park overlooks the city and has been cared for by citizen stewards since the 1800’s. Rich in history and offering an open field, playground, tennis courts, picnic shelters, and a horseshoe court, a lot of hard work has been put into making Whitaker Park the perfect park that it is!

Libra- Riverside Drive Park

  • Keywords: “I Balance”, Peacemaker, Relationship Mediator

  • Symbol: The Scales

  • Element: Air

You know how sometimes conversation just flows better when you’re walking? Riverside Drive Park is arguably the best place in Reno to stroll around with a friend, emanating Libra energy. Valuing peace, harmony, and beauty, Libras take time to check-in with their loved ones and appreciate the smaller, finer things in life. Like the changing of the seasons present in the surrounding leaves and trees, or the calm, constant rush of the river flowing. The next time you want to have a heart to heart with a friend, go to Riverside Drive Park!

Scorpio- Oxbow Nature Study Area

  • Keywords: “I Desire”, Sorcerer, Intense Investigator

  • Symbol: The Scorpion

  • Element: Water

Known for their emotional depth, there’s something mysterious and mystical about Scorpios… and Oxbow Nature Study Area. Located by driving west all the way down 2nd street in Reno, this nature study area is accessible yet still nicely tucked away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Featuring trails that are heavily shaded by trees and located directly beside the Truckee River, walking through Oxbow feels like being on the set of an enchanting movie, where a coven of Scorpios come together and work their magic.

Sagittarius- Hidden Valley Regional Park

  • Keywords: “I Seek”, Student, Wandering Philosopher

  • Symbol: The Archer

  • Element: Fire

Sagittariuses are passionate and driven by a desire to explore. With Hidden Valley Regional Park being home to 480 acres of trails, playgrounds, sports courts, and more, this local park emulates fiery, curious Sagittarius energy in all that it offers for our community. Plus, Sagittarius is symbolized by the Archer, a half horse, half human centaur, and Hidden Valley Regional Park is home to one of the eight public horse arenas in Reno!

Capricorn- Rosewood Nature Study Area

  • Keywords: “I Use”, Leader, Ambitious Workaholic

  • Symbol: The Goat

  • Element: Earth

Capricorns thrive on routine work and organization, and Rosewood Nature Study Area has an entire team of Wetland Restoration Technicians restoring it back to its original wetland habitat! Originally a golf course that was decommissioned many years ago, the Parks Foundation has since taken over the area to turn it into an outdoor space for the community to enjoy. Spanning 220 acres of marshland, the restoration process is an ambitious project, but with several Capricorns leading the TMPF team, we know Rosewood Nature Study Area will continue to be a place for Truckee Meadows residents to experience nature and learn about the natural and cultural history of the area for generations to come.

Aquarius- Galena Creek Regional Park

  • Keywords: “I Know”, Revolutionary, Eccentric Humanitarian

  • Symbol: The Water-bearer

  • Element: Air

Innovative, free-spirited, and artistic, Aquarians don’t mind straying from the beaten path. With ample opportunities for year-round recreation including cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, and birdwatching, Galena Creek Regional Park is the perfect place to channel your inner Aquarius energy and try something new! Plus, their Visitor Center offers learning resources, interpretive exhibitions, and occasional watercolor painting classes, so this park is a great place for getting out of your comfort zone and learning new things.

Pisces- Crystal Peak Park

  • Keywords: “I Dream”, Mystic, Poetic Dreamer

  • Symbol: The Fish

  • Element: Water

Creative and imaginative, Pisces are known to be off in their own world… So what better park to represent them than Crystal Peak Park, located just before the California border in Verdi! Characterized by its shaded direct access to the Truckee River and interpretive trails, Crystal Peak Park provides a nice escape for Truckee Meadows residents to enjoy the outdoors in a less frequented, peaceful environment. Plus, with Pisces being symbolized by two fish, of course Crystal Peak Park offers fishing to the public both in the river and at the Verdi Pond. The next time you need some quiet time alone to sort through your emotions, pay Crystal Peak Park a visit.

There you have it folks! All 12 zodiac signs represented by a local Truckee Meadows park. I loved writing this blog and I hope you enjoyed reading it. If you have any astrological or local parks insight to share, please leave a comment!


About the Author

Born and raised in the Truckee Meadows, Dayna studied International Business Marketing at the University of Nevada, Reno. After graduating in 2021, she spent 2 months in India pursuing her passion by studying yoga and becoming a certified instructor. Now, Dayna is excited to join the Truckee Meadows Parks Foundation promoting one of her favorite things, the outdoors! In her free time, Dayna can be found practicing yoga, exploring the world around her, or cozying up in her hammock with a good book.

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D. K.
D. K.
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How funny, I am a June Gemini and I LOVE Rancho San Rafael Park! :) Spot on!


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Spot on! I am a Libra and I walk down Riverside Drive Park constantly! Such a fun read.


21 de mai.
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This was fun to read and will get me out to visit some different parks! Thanks so much!


20 de mai.
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Silly premise, but I totally read more of this blog than others!



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